Rclone with guest account

I am new to this forum and have a question:

I want to use onedrive as a cloud for linux thinclients with guest accounts.
The workflow should be:

  1. user switches on PC
  2. LTSP starts into guest session
  3. User logs on to onedrive

number 1) and 2) is working well and if a user starts teams or office.com, he has to enter his login with standard microsoft browser login window.

If user starts rclone config, he can go through the whole config process and this works as well. Only a mount is needed, no syncing or cloning.

But the user hat to use the shell and go through the whole config process.

Fortunaltly every user has the same settings.
onedrive, business, same subdirectories to use, same mountpount.
What I would like to see is a pre-filled config situation where
the login-browser screen starts automagickly and the user just has to login to the microsoft account and gets his onedrive mount.

Is there a flag to set that a rclone.config without token and drive id just jumps to the web login to add the missing parts?

Or is there another way to reach this goal?

Thanks for your help

I forgot to point out, that with theese "no logon" guest accounts everything gets purged after logout, so that nothing gets saved on the server.
Thats why I want to use onedrive for personal data and the web login "replaces" the console login .

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