Rclone with Encryption FTP explicit over TLS?

I need help for connect in the my seedbox throgh FTP option?

~$ rclone -V
rclone v1.48.0

  • os/arch: linux/arm
  • go version: go1.12.6

~$ rclone ls asc:
2019/07/08 01:47:30 ERROR : ftp://rutorrent.be.seedgator.com:54231: Error while Logging in into rutorrent.be.seedgator.com:54231: Non-anonymous sessions must use encryption.
2019/07/08 01:47:30 Failed to create file system for "asc:": NewFs: ftpConnection Login: Non-anonymous sessions must use encryption.

I have no problem connecting with Filezilla using Encryption FTP explicit over TLS. But I canĀ“t see this option in rclone.

I believe it is this option:


Last line https://rclone.org/ftp/

Note that while implicit FTP over TLS is supported, explicit FTP over TLS is not.

I saw this information. But I figured there was some change in that. Anyway, would I have another free or cheaper alternative for send the files from my ftp server to google drive without going through my pc?