Rclone Windows Sensible Defaults?

I've mounted my Google Team drive with Rclone as a service as per Installing rclone mount on Windows as service? (copying the suggested command line into NSSM)

But copying files to/from using Windows explorer I always get an error and have to retry. The Rclone log shows:

2022/08/31 11:28:16 ERROR : MS chat.pdf: WriteFileHandle: Truncate: Can't change size without --vfs-cache-mode >= writes
2022/08/31 11:28:16 ERROR : MS chat.pdf: WriteFileHandle: ReadAt: Can't read and write to file without --vfs-cache-mode >= minimal
2022/08/31 11:28:19 NOTICE: Encrypted drive 'tcrypt:': --checksum is in use but the source and destination have no hashes in common; falling back to --size-only

Obviously this suggests I need some vfs-cache which was also something I worried about last time I used Rclone. Is there some suggested defaults for Windows use with Google drive (not just cache but other settings) that would alleviate the issue? I'm happy to cache some of the Google traffic (say 2G worth).

Some advice would be appreciated, thanks

rClone v1.59.1


you need to choose a vfs file cache mode, as per the log error and the rclone docs.

there should have been a template of questions, what happened to the answers?

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