Rclone windows mount size help

mount is of a sftp server on a windows computer; The linux server has many drives mounted on it example below of mounts
─sda4 ext4 198.6G /
sdb 9.1T
├─sdb1 16M
└─sdb2 ntfs 9.1T TV Shows 4
sdc 5.5T
├─sdc1 16M
└─sdc2 ntfs 5.5T TV Shows 6
sdd linux_raid_member 9.1T rory_server:0
└─md0 ext4 18.2T /home/rory/torrents download-raid
sde linux_raid_member 9.1T rory_server:0
└─md0 ext4 18.2T /home/rory/torrents download-raid
sdf 5.5T
├─sdf1 16M
└─sdf2 ntfs 5.5T TV Shows 7
sdg ext4 10.9T /home/rory/e0 Movies1
sdh 14.6T
└─sdh1 ntfs 14.6T Movies 4
sdi ext4 9.1T /home/rory/e5 shows4
sdj ext4 5.5T /home/rory/e8 shows6
sdk ext4 5.5T /home/rory/e7 shows7
sdl ext4 5.5T /home/rory/e6 shows1
sdm ext4 14.6T /home/rory/e9 shows2
sdn 5.5T
├─sdn1 16M
└─sdn2 ntfs 5.5T Movies 2
sdo ext4 7.3T /home/rory/e10 shows5
sdp ext4 9.1T /home/rory/e11 shows3

the problem is when mounting in windows it reads the /rory directory space and then does not allow to move if the files are more than what the user dir free space is. even if the move is in a mounted subdirectory. any feedback or help would be useful unless its telling me to mount drives in the /mnt folder. i did a lot of searching and could not find a way to edit the size reported by the mount to windows.

So you are saying that rclone shows the free space of your home directory, rather than the free space of the sftp root?

I had a look at the code and it should work.

Can you show some examples using

rclone about sftp:/different/paths

Showing the problem?

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