Rclone WenGUI Local Server Files


I've installed Rclone on a headless VM and I'm using it to upload to Google Drive.. All is working great except I don't seem to be able to access local files on the VM.

I'm accessing the WebGUI from a different PC, but I want to be able to upload files form the local server, NOT from the PC I'm running the GUI from (If that makes sense).

I've tried adding in a localdrive config but that's not appearing in the explorer in the Webgui.

Thanks for ant help.

I am not at a computer where I can test it but could you make an alias remote to a local?

No luck with that :frowning:

When you filled out the post, there was a super great template for help and support that was deleted.

Can you fill that in as that can help us help you.


You should just be able to put a path in /home/user or whatever

I am still not at a computer but I recall really struggling with this! And the GUI in general

(it so often won’t open without a username and password but even if you set one, it fails. I cannot for the life of me find the right combination of things to make it work or fail. I am sure it is deterministic but I haven’t figured it out to do a big report. And this is always with the latest forced update. In general, the GUI is very beta!!!)

You need to post the commands you are using and more information (basically the template) and we can help you out.

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