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what im trying to find out:

is there a way to make rclone providing a web ui on a TrueNas Scale server which is reachable with my Windows PC for setting it up without using the TureNas shell?

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so that means that rclone tells me an ip address with port which is then reachable?

just to make it clear: i know that i have to install and tell rclone to provide an web ui in the shell of truenas.

that is correct.

that is correct

and there is https://rclone.github.io/rclone-webui-react/#/login

and there is rclone browser, which will run on windows

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So i got it to run on my server but i cannot reach it.

I don’t know why rclone is using an ip outside my ip range… is that something I’m not getting right? How is it possible to change that?

What username and what password do i need to use for the .io?

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Hi Marvin,

I assume you are on a LAN where you can ping your TRUENAS, so lets see if we can get it running in a few quick posts.

Please run this command on your NAS and then post the command and output:

rclone rcd --rc-web-gui --rc-web-gui-no-open-browser -vv

also please show that you have connection from your PC to the NAS by executing and posting the output from executing this on your PC:

ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx      # The IP or hostname of your NAS

Advanced tip: The trick is to replace the local host with the IP of your NAS when connecting from your PC, and make sure that the port used is open in the firewall of your NAS, or change to an unused open port by using something like --rc-addr :443

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