Rclone web-GUI - disable auto-open?

Hey all,

Does anyone know if it is possible to disable the auto-opening of the page that happens whenever --rc-webGUI is enabled?

I see how that can be useful, but for my use-case it is mostly annoying. Any suggestions? There may be a simple flag or setting that does this, but the webGUI documentation is still a little sparse and I haven't seen anything to that effect yet.

I don't think there is a way of disabling this at the moment.

A flag would be easy to add...

Then I feel like that would be beneficial.
Ultimately it is just an annoyance but I doubt I am the only controlfreak who dislikes programs opening when I did not ask for it. (especially when you have a tab addition like myself hehe).

I would expect it's only a single call that you have to shortcut around to implement the option.

Should I make an a formal issue for it?

You know the drill :wink:

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