Rclone vs Google Drive FS

OS: Windows 10/amd64
Latest version of rclone
Google Drive Business Cloud is the remote and its NOT encrypted

So i've been using rclone for months now but it seems to run considerably slower than google drive file sync. When it comes to playing video files with VLC and renaming/moving files and folders. This generally happens much faster with google drive FS almost as if your doing it with local files and folders.

Does anyone have a better suggestion for flags? I most definitely am doing this wrong.

I use the below settings in different combinations.
rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full gdrive: u: --no-seek --no-modtime --no-checksum

If I use minimal or writes for the cache mode I get errors when playing 4K videos and moving large folders with many files. Sometimes ill get an error too.

I hope im not being vague in my questions; just looking to see if my mount is wrong and someone has a solid mount with necessary flags.

you did not post the rclone version and config file?
so it is hard to give good advice.....

i suggest to use the settings as documented here

i would suggest removing --no-seek

i play media in the cloud using vlc and do not use vfs cache.

it really depends on the quality of your internet connection.

like i said in my first post its the latest version so v1.55.1.
My config just has 1 remote for google drive nothing else.
type = drive
scope = drive
token = xxx

Maybe its better if i ask. How does rclone read/process files and folders when mounted? If i have a remote with 100 folders and 100 files in each folder. Does rclone immediately know i have 10000 files? Or does rclone need to load each folder individually when i click inside them?

When playing a video file, does rclone have to download the entire file first into cache before playing it? Or does it load it in chunks? If i skip in the video does it delete the first chunk and start loading a new chunk? So if i skip back to beginning of video it does not load any faster?
Does this same concept apply to how rclone recognizes the remotes folder/filse structure?

Example Steps:

  1. i click into folder "a" it loads 100 files...
  2. Then i click into folder "b" and it loads 100 files...
  3. Then i click back into folder "a", is this load time faster than step 1.

Im wondering if i can tweak the settings so rclone uses more space to store folder/file structure thus load faster when im navigating and moving/renaming files. I dont mind having to wait 30 minutes when i first start the mount before starting to organize my files.

My internet speed is 160mbps down and 30mbps up. Regardless googles drive file sync program runs much faster and smoother when navigating folders and playing videos.

you can read about it here


no, is using --vfs-cache-mode=full


rclone keeps the chunks


we call it priming the mount which you can read about here

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