Rclone verification code expiry | Google drive

Configured rclone on the Ubuntu system. Then configured the google drive remote.

On config_verification_code. section, I got the Outh2 URL to authentication. After going to this URL it asks me to allow rclone access to my Google account. I allowed the same.

Then it generated the code. Which I then used and successfully completed the Verification process.

So what is the expiry for this code? While configuring the remote, I kept client_id, client_secret blank. So what will be the time limit of the Verification code?

I'm not quite sure what your question is.

Once you authorize your account, you get a refresh token which you can see in the rclone.conf

Rclone refreshes that when used.

Google's process is defined here:

Using OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs | Google Identity | Google Developers

I will be continuously pushing data from Google-drive to another storage service using rclone.

My question is the Verification code that I used while the initial Authorization process, will that change? expires after a week or months? As Google keeps updating its keys. So in case, the verification code expires then my backup fill stops.

The verification code is used to authenticate the oAuth process and get you a token.

Once you have a token, rclone refreshes the token automatically.

Okay got it.

So this Automatically refreshing tokens won't disturb the backup which happening from my google-drive account to another storage service.

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