Rclone v1.40 released

Rclone v1.40 has been released after a slightly longer than planned development cycle.

There are lots of changes, but highlights would be a new alias backend, continued development of the cache backend and the lsf command for scripting.

I’d like to welcome our new maintainer Fabian Möller (@B4dM4n) who has been doing great work fixing up the VFS and updating the drive backend to the v3 API.

  • v1.40 - 2018-03-19
    • New backends
      • Alias backend to create aliases for existing remote names (Fabian Möller)
    • New commands
      • lsf: list for parsing purposes (Jakub Tasiemski)
        • by default this is a simple non recursive list of files and directories
        • it can be configured to add more info in an easy to parse way
      • serve restic: for serving a remote as a Restic REST endpoint
        • This enables restic to use any backends that rclone can access
        • Thanks Alexander Neumann for help, patches and review
      • rc: enable the remote control of a running rclone
        • The running rclone must be started with --rc and related flags.
        • Currently there is support for bwlimit, and flushing for mount and cache.
    • New Features
      • --max-delete flag to add a delete threshold (Bjørn Erik Pedersen)
      • All backends now support RangeOption for ranged Open
        • cat: Use RangeOption for limited fetches to make more efficient
        • cryptcheck: make reading of nonce more efficient with RangeOption
      • serve http/webdav/restic
        • support SSL/TLS
        • add --user --pass and --htpasswd for authentication
      • copy/move: detect file size change during copy/move and abort transfer (ishuah)
      • cryptdecode: added option to return encrypted file names. (ishuah)
      • lsjson: add --encrypted to show encrypted name (Jakub Tasiemski)
      • Add --stats-file-name-length to specify the printed file name length for stats (Will Gunn)
    • Compile
      • Code base was shuffled and factored
        • backends moved into a backend directory
        • large packages split up
        • See the CONTRIBUTING.md doc for info as to what lives where now
      • Update to using go1.10 as the default go version
      • Implement daily full integration tests
    • Release
      • Include a source tarball and sign it and the binaries
      • Sign the git tags as part of the release process
      • Add .deb and .rpm packages as part of the build
      • Make a beta release for all branches on the main repo (but not pull requests)
    • Bug Fixes
      • config: fixes errors on non existing config by loading config file only on first access
      • config: retry saving the config after failure (Mateusz)
      • sync: when using --backup-dir don’t delete files if we can’t set their modtime
        • this fixes odd behaviour with Dropbox and --backup-dir
      • fshttp: fix idle timeouts for HTTP connections
      • serve http: fix serving files with : in - fixes
      • Fix --exclude-if-present to ignore directories which it doesn’t have permission for (Iakov Davydov)
      • Make accounting work properly with crypt and b2
      • remove --no-traverse flag because it is obsolete
    • Mount
      • Add --attr-timeout flag to control attribute caching in kernel
        • this now defaults to 0 which is correct but less efficient
        • see the mount docs for more info
      • Add --daemon flag to allow mount to run in the background (ishuah)
      • Fix: Return ENOSYS rather than EIO on attempted link
        • This fixes FileZilla accessing an rclone mount served over sftp.
      • Fix setting modtime twice
      • Mount tests now run on CI for Linux (mount & cmount)/Mac/Windows
      • Many bugs fixed in the VFS layer - see below
    • VFS
      • Many fixes for --vfs-cache-mode writes and above
        • Update cached copy if we know it has changed (fixes stale data)
        • Clean path names before using them in the cache
        • Disable cache cleaner if --vfs-cache-poll-interval=0
        • Fill and clean the cache immediately on startup
      • Fix Windows opening every file when it stats the file
      • Fix applying modtime for an open Write Handle
      • Fix creation of files when truncating
      • Write 0 bytes when flushing unwritten handles to avoid race conditions in FUSE
      • Downgrade “poll-interval is not supported” message to Info
      • Make OpenFile and friends return EINVAL if O_RDONLY and O_TRUNC
    • Local
      • Downgrade “invalid cross-device link: trying copy” to debug
      • Make DirMove return fs.ErrorCantDirMove to allow fallback to Copy for cross device
      • Fix race conditions updating the hashes
    • Cache
      • Add support for polling - cache will update when remote changes on supported backends
      • Reduce log level for Plex api
      • Fix dir cache issue
      • Implement --cache-db-wait-time flag
      • Improve efficiency with RangeOption and RangeSeek
      • Fix dirmove with temp fs enabled
      • Notify vfs when using temp fs
      • Offline uploading
      • Remote control support for path flushing
    • Amazon cloud drive
      • Rclone no longer has any working keys - disable integration tests
      • Implement DirChangeNotify to notify cache/vfs/mount of changes
    • Azureblob
      • Don’t check for bucket/container presense if listing was OK
        • this makes rclone do one less request per invocation
      • Improve accounting for chunked uploads
    • Backblaze B2
      • Don’t check for bucket/container presense if listing was OK
        • this makes rclone do one less request per invocation
    • Box
      • Improve accounting for chunked uploads
    • Dropbox
      • Fix custom oauth client parameters
    • Google Cloud Storage
      • Don’t check for bucket/container presense if listing was OK
        • this makes rclone do one less request per invocation
    • Google Drive
      • Migrate to api v3 (Fabian Möller)
      • Add scope configuration and root folder selection
      • Add --drive-impersonate for service accounts
        • thanks to everyone who tested, explored and contributed docs
      • Add --drive-use-created-date to use created date as modified date (nbuchanan)
      • Request the export formats only when required
        • This makes rclone quicker when there are no google docs
      • Fix finding paths with latin1 chars (a workaround for a drive bug)
      • Fix copying of a single Google doc file
      • Fix --drive-auth-owner-only to look in all directories
    • HTTP
      • Fix handling of directories with & in
    • Onedrive
      • Removed upload cutoff and always do session uploads
        • this stops the creation of multiple versions on business onedrive
      • Overwrite object size value with real size when reading file. (Victor)
        • this fixes oddities when onedrive misreports the size of images
    • Pcloud
      • Remove unused chunked upload flag and code
    • Qingstor
      • Don’t check for bucket/container presense if listing was OK
        • this makes rclone do one less request per invocation
    • S3
      • Support hashes for multipart files (Chris Redekop)
      • Initial support for IBM COS (S3) (Giri Badanahatti)
      • Update docs to discourage use of v2 auth with CEPH and others
      • Don’t check for bucket/container presense if listing was OK
        • this makes rclone do one less request per invocation
      • Fix server side copy and set modtime on files with + in
    • SFTP
      • Add option to disable remote hash check command execution (Jon Fautley)
      • Add --sftp-ask-password flag to prompt for password when needed (Leo R. Lundgren)
      • Add set_modtime configuration option
      • Fix following of symlinks
      • Fix reading config file outside of Fs setup
      • Fix reading $USER in username fallback not $HOME
      • Fix running under crontab - Use correct OS way of reading username
    • Swift
      • Fix refresh of authentication token
        • in v1.39 a bug was introduced which ignored new tokens - this fixes it
      • Fix extra HEAD transaction when uploading a new file
      • Don’t check for bucket/container presense if listing was OK
        • this makes rclone do one less request per invocation
    • Webdav
      • Add new time formats to support mydrive.ch and others

You guys are doing great work! Is the cache still in beta? We are looking forward to removing the complicated unionfs / plexdrive / rclone setup; works from the https://plexguide.com program. Having one program to streamline to is a dream, haha! As always, we know your exhausted!

update, clicked the link, ya still BETA but we need to start testing out sometime also.


From my side also a big thanks for your amazing work! With each release the already great rclone becomes better and better. :slight_smile:


Just a note to windows users, I had to upgrade my 2017 version of WinFSP to 2018 b2 for this to work. It didn’t mount as a service without that upgrade - just in case anyone else runs into it and thinks rclone is broken.

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I’d like to thank Nick and all the other 131 contributors. Rclone is a fantastic software!

As in this old advertising.

Rclone is fantastic because it “just”… works :slight_smile:


Thanks for your work for the community

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Using rclone since two month. Awesome software!
Thanks for the great work!

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