Rclone v1.36 released


rclone 1.36 is now released!

Thank you to everyone who tested the betas and reported bugs.

Sorry this development cycle has been so long - changing the sync routines had a much bigger impact than expected.

Take note of the changes to the logging flags.

Happy rclone-ing!

– Nick

  • v1.36 - 2017-03-18
    • New Features
      • SFTP remote (Jack Schmidt)
      • Re-implement sync routine to work a directory at a time reducing memory usage
      • Logging revamped to be more inline with rsync - now much quieter
        • -v only shows transfers
        • -vv is for full debug
        • –syslog to log to syslog on capable platforms
      • Implement --backup-dir and --suffix
      • Implement --track-renames (initial implementation by Bjørn Erik Pedersen)
      • Add time-based bandwidth limits (Lukas Loesche)
      • rclone cryptcheck: checks integrity of crypt remotes
      • Allow all config file variables and options to be set from environment variables
      • Add --buffer-size parameter to control buffer size for copy
      • Make --delete-after the default
      • Add --ignore-checksum flag (fixed by Hisham Zarka)
      • rclone check: Add --download flag to check all the data, not just hashes
      • rclone cat: add --head, --tail, --offset, --count and --discard
      • rclone config: when choosing from a list, allow the value to be entered too
      • rclone config: allow rename and copy of remotes
      • rclone obscure: for generating encrypted passwords for rclone’s config (T.C. Ferguson)
      • Comply with XDG Base Directory specification (Dario Giovannetti)
        • this moves the default location of the config file in a backwards compatible way
      • Release changes
        • Ubuntu snap support (Dedsec1)
        • Compile with go 1.8
        • MIPS/Linux big and little endian support
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fix copyto copying things to the wrong place if the destination dir didn’t exist
      • Fix parsing of remotes in moveto and copyto
      • Fix --delete-before deleting files on copy
      • Fix --files-from with an empty file copying everything
      • Fix sync: don’t update mod times if --dry-run set
      • Fix MimeType propagation
      • Fix filters to add ** rules to directory rules
    • Local
      • Implement -L, --copy-links flag to allow rclone to follow symlinks
      • Open files in write only mode so rclone can write to an rclone mount
      • Fix unnormalised unicode causing problems reading directories
      • Fix interaction between -x flag and --max-depth
    • Mount
      • Implement proper directory handling (mkdir, rmdir, renaming)
      • Make include and exclude filters apply to mount
      • Implement read and write async buffers - control with --buffer-size
      • Fix fsync on for directories
      • Fix retry on network failure when reading off crypt
    • Crypt
      • Add --crypt-show-mapping to show encrypted file mapping
      • Fix crypt writer getting stuck in a loop
        • IMPORTANT this bug had the potential to cause data corruption when
          • reading data from a network based remote and
          • writing to a crypt on Google Drive
        • Use the cryptcheck command to validate your data if you are concerned
        • If syncing two crypt remotes, sync the unencrypted remote
    • Amazon Drive
      • Fix panics on Move (rename)
      • Fix panic on token expiry
    • B2
      • Fix inconsistent listings and rclone check
      • Fix uploading empty files with go1.8
      • Constrain memory usage when doing multipart uploads
      • Fix upload url not being refreshed properly
    • Drive
      • Fix Rmdir on directories with trashed files
      • Fix “Ignoring unknown object” when downloading
      • Add --drive-list-chunk
      • Add --drive-skip-gdocs (Károly Oláh)
    • OneDrive
      • Implement Move
      • Fix Copy
        • Fix overwrite detection in Copy
        • Fix waitForJob to parse errors correctly
      • Use token renewer to stop auth errors on long uploads
      • Fix uploading empty files with go1.8
    • Google Cloud Storage
      • Fix depth 1 directory listings
    • Yandex
      • Fix single level directory listing
    • Dropbox
      • Normalise the case for single level directory listings
      • Fix depth 1 listing
    • S3
      • Added ca-central-1 region (Jon Yergatian)


Oh my gosh there is a lot of work thats gone on there!

Thank you so much for your efforts!


Wow this is awesome thank you so much!


Thanks for all your work!

For those who use a Mac, does anyone perhaps know when/how this will be incorporated into a Homebrew package upgrade ?



This is great. Thanks for all the hard work!


Finally! Thanks for all the hard work put into this release :slight_smile:


I don’t have a mac but I’d be happy to receive a pull request for anything rclone needs to do. There is an issue about this with a link to some instructions.


Thank @ncw & everyone else for the hard work! I couldn’t do without rclone. Keep up the great work.


Update: The Homebrew rClone formula has been updated to v1.36.

Thanks to the Maintainers!



continuely in awe of your work! really


great stuff. really.


Nick rocks. Period. Nice job sir.


I’ve been using the new version and it is hugely faster. :slight_smile: