Rclone v1.35 release

I’ve released v1.35 - get it from http://rclone.org as usual!

This was a bit longer release cycle than I’d hoped. Thanks to you all for bug reports and testing.

  • v1.35 - 2017-01-02
    • New Features
      • moveto and copyto commands for choosing a destination name on copy/move
      • rmdirs command to recursively delete empty directories
      • Allow repeated --include/–exclude/–filter options
      • Only show transfer stats on commands which transfer stuff
        • show stats on any command using the --stats flag
      • Allow overlapping directories in move when server side dir move is supported
      • Add --stats-unit option - thanks Scott McGillivray
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fix the config file being overwritten when two rclones are running
      • Make rclone lsd obey the filters properly
      • Fix compilation on mips
      • Fix not transferring files that don’t differ in size
      • Fix panic on nil retry/fatal error
    • Mount
      • Retry reads on error - should help with reliability a lot
      • Report the modification times for directories from the remote
      • Add bandwidth accounting and limiting (fixes --bwlimit)
      • If --stats provided will show stats and which files are transferring
      • Support R/W files if truncate is set.
      • Implement statfs interface so df works
      • Note that write is now supported on Amazon Drive
      • Report number of blocks in a file - thanks Stefan Breunig
    • Crypt
      • Prevent the user pointing crypt at itself
      • Fix failed to authenticate decrypted block errors
        • these will now return the underlying unexpected EOF instead
    • Amazon Drive
      • Add support for server side move and directory move - thanks Stefan Breunig
      • Fix nil pointer deref on size attribute
    • B2
      • Use new prefix and delimiter parameters in directory listings
        • This makes --max-depth 1 dir listings as used in mount much faster
      • Reauth the account while doing uploads too - should help with token expiry
    • Drive
      • Make DirMove more efficient and complain about moving the root
      • Create destination directory on Move()

When is rClone going to migrate to Dropbox v2 api ?

Before the v1 API turns off - see https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/349

Sync operations running over 24 hours seem to fail though, with error message related to token expiry.

Which remote? If it is b2 or onedrive try the latest beta which :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s B2. I’ll try, thanks!