Rclone using download bandwidth - despite there is no active copy/move/sync


I just noticed that rclone is maxing out my download bandwidth even if there it no active copy/sync/move job.

I have 2 mounts via the rclone mount command

nethogs shows this:

How can I find out what exactly is happening? This does not seem to be normal

You are running a mount?

I am using the rclone mount command that is what I meant.

I think I figured out which application is causing this high download bandwidth usage.
Once I turned my Plex server off the download bandwidth usage went to almost 0

Once I started Plex server again it started to use my full download bandwidth after a while.
But there was no indication I’m the Plex Webinterface that Plex was currently doing something.

How could I determine what Plex was doing?
Is Plex doing something wrong or is there a setting that I need to turn off?

Plex is probably analyzing media. You can check the plex logs.