RClone using all upload bandwidth (5mb) but only achieving 500kb

Hi all,

I have recently started using rclone on a Raspberry Pi and am uploading to an encrypted Google Drive folder. RClone shows me upload speeds anywhere between 500kb and 600kb. Yet when I look at the bandwidth usage for the device using vnstat --live I see that the upload connection is maxed out at 5.07mb/sec. As soon as I stop the rclone transfer the device upload speed drops all the way back to near 0 again suggesting that it is RClone using all the upstream, yet I am only getting 500kb. Have tried this through rclone without an encrypted remote and getting the same result.

I have also run iftop too and found all the traffic going to two servers, lhr26s04-in-f234.1e100.net and lhr25s15-in-f10.1e100.net. A quick google search suggests they are both google servers, also suggesting this is all RClone traffic.

Running RClone v1.40, and uploading without any flags (have experimented with chunk sizes, made no difference). Also using my own API login details. All the files being uploaded are 500mb minimum.

Help much appreciated.

Is this a megabit vs megabyte mixup? For reference, if you have a 5Megabit/s upload rate, that is a 625kilobyte/s upload rate.

You can set --stats-unit bits if you want the stats in bits/second rather than bytes/second which is the default.