Rclone upload script

I'm wandering if anyone uses an upload script. I'm after one that automatically uploads from /cache when one of the Aaar's adds a new file to my mergerfs and appears there.

Script A scans a directory. if it's empty skip, if there is a .partial then also skip If a file is present run script B to upload to gdrive?

The reason I ask is my plex runs on a different server so would like to pick up new additions quicker rather than the current setup that uploads at a specific time.

Thanks CH

If windows - I can help.

If Linux (which I assume due to Plex and mergerfs) - I'd go to Animosity's "recommended settings" topic and steal his config and customize it as needed.

If you want to add a check to see if the directory is empty before you start to involve rclone (to keep it the most efficient) you can just run a check like this on a short-timed loop:

$ [ "$(ls -A /path/to/directory)" ] && echo "Not Empty" || echo "Empty"

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