Rclone + unionfs-fuse upload strategy

I’m a new convert from acdcli to rclone. I’ve got the ex41 from Hetzner and use it for everything, rtorrent+SR+CP+Plex+PlexPy+PlexRequests, etc.

In my current setup I use unionfs-fuse to merge acd/local + acd/cloud. I CP and SR move processed files to acd/local for upload to acd. Part of my upload script:

if find /home/kamos/acd/local/* -type f -mmin +15 | read
/usr/bin/rclone move /home/kamos/acd/.local/ acd:Encrypted -v --transfers 10 --checkers 10 --min-age 15m --log file=/home/kamos/logs/acd2crypt.log

(Credit to @Ajki)

I prefer having some content stored locally, about 3.1TB in Series and I’m seeding about 2TB. I want to keep the content locally for as long as possible without filling up the disk more than say 90%.

So my question is, what is the best upload strategy so as to get the best performance with a balance of local and cloud content. Also, if you guys could share some of the scripts that you use for uploads, that would be great!

There are a few options.

Try my scripts here; https://github.com/jaketame/scripts/

Option 1 will allow the disk upto x % and will then trigger upload.

Thanks for sharing. I’ll certainly have a look at those.

Np, raise an issue on github if you encounter any, I’ve been using these for a couple of weeks now so shouldn’t be.