Rclone Union - Use multiple remotes as a single one

I have 4 OneDrive accounts with storage of 5 TB each. What I wants to do is make unification of those 4 remotes into a single one. So, I would get a total of 20 Tb.

I read the Union backend, but line that confused me in the docs is this:

Only the last remote is used to write to and delete from, all other remotes are read-only.

Read only? No write?

Let's say I wants to copy thousands of files (2 GB each), Rclone will first try to upload the file into Remote1, if Remote1 has no sotrage left, then it will try to Remote2, and so on and so forth.

Does Rclone do this on Union backend yet?

Multiwrite union?

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You'll need to try the beta of the multiwrite union which should fix exactly this problem. Feedback to the thread @Ajaja posted would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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