RClone Union remote - anyway to address underlying remotes with RC?

edit disregard, found my answer for the first question, I guess I didn't search enough!

On the second question, still unsure if there is a way to have rclone auto timeout an added share that throws 403 or similar errors for a specified timeout, e.g. 12h.

I have a rather unique question (or at least, I think it's unique based on my lack of search results :slight_smile:)

If I create an rclone union remote that contants 2 or more underlying remotes in it, e.g.:
rclone union remote union: mounted to /mnt/union
rclone union is a combination of:


If I don't mount sourceA and sourceB, but I do mount the layered union remote, is there any way to address sourceA or B with rclone rc or by other means, and if so, will the union remote respect those changes, or will it remain static until a remount?

Ideally I'd like to just mount union with the vfs switches, and adjust/tune underlying remotes on the fly without dismounting union, but I'm not sure if this is possible. I know I could mount sourceA to /mnt/sourcea and b to /mnt/sourceb, then just have union merge /mnt/sourcea and /mnt/sourceb, but this seems like it would be less efficient with regards to api calls and such.

If I configure the union mount with an rc server, and address it with a command that only would apply for the underlying remote, will it error out, apply to both remotes, something else?

Also, if I mount the union remote with VFS-Full and write back caching, will it automagically apply these cache / write settings to the underlying remotes (assuming I have set mode to all)

And last question, are any of the read modes smart enough to pick the working remote if the other is having issues, e.g. api throttling, etc?

I'm actively testing in parallel but didn't want to reinvent the wheel if I didn't have to.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

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Not yet. This is an often requested feature...!

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Got it. Thank you for the prompt response and hard work on this awesome tool. It is much appreciated!

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