Rclone, UltraSeedBox & Gdrive ... Beyond confused

Fist and foremost, 99.9% of this is over my head :slight_smile: I’m trying and really want to learn

With that said, I had a VPS Plex server that I set up following this guide

The server wasn’t fast enough and I recently moved to UBS but am running into issues. I used the guide on UBS and have it installed but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to mount if I dont have root … using this guide https://www.techperplexed.ga/2017/04/part-5-mounting-drives.html

Furthermore, is Rclone what I should be using to access my media on Gdrive? Is it as simple as a mount command? Thanks in advance and HOPEFULLY I can understand better :slight_smile:

A couple quick questions:

If you don’t have root, do you know if FUSE is already installed and enabled?

If so, are you able to mount the Google drive in your personal space (ie, your home directory)? Some of the instructions assume you have root access and can mount anywhere but those directories may be protected and not allow you to create the necessary mountpoint without root access. However, you should be able to create a directory under your home (~) like “mkdir -p ~/Google” and then mount using rclone to ~/Google (again, assuming you at least have FUSE access)