Rclone transfer speed in stats - average only?

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Windows 10 x64

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Google Drive

When using rclone sync/move/copy with the flag --bwlimit, will the stats (I use --progress and --stats-one-line) for transfer speed only show the average and not current speed? To me it seems like the stats do not show me the current speed. Hoping my question makes sense. :slight_smile:
Edited to add: I use --bwlimit "07:00,3M 00:00,off". What I'd like to see is the current actual transfer speed and not an average.

You are correct. The number is the average since the operation started, not the current total.

In the case of the mount the "operation" starts when the mount starts, regardless of if it's just sitting idle. Thus this value becomes quite useless. I also think it would make more sense to have it display an average of say - the last 10 seconds or something, but ultimately this is not a bug but a design choice. It would perhaps be nice to have both numbers.

Ways to see current speed:

  • Add up the speed-numbers for the current transfers mentally (sometimes not practical to do easily if there are many transfers)
  • Use the rclone webGUI. It has a nice graph that shows current speed + average over a longer period.
  • Simply checking your task-manager and looking at either the network graph (grand total on the system) or the rclone process directly. I often find this is just as easy as going to look at the webGUI.

If you feel strongly about adding the current speed to the --progress output you can go make a feature-improvement issue on github so it will be considered for development. I don't think it's a bad idea even if it's perhaps not the most pressing issue. Just do a quick search before you post to see if you already find an identical issue:

Great, thanks for the confirmation!

To be fair, it's a minor issue for me. I don't tend to sit and watch rclone do its job. I hadn't thought of checking the task-manager - I appreciate the tip! :wink:

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