RClone to sync FTPS to OneDrive

Hi everyone, i will try to make it short.

My current situation, i have a VPS server with Plesk (webhosting panel on it)

I do regular remote backup to a FTP(S) server at home (cause the other option to automaticly backup on onedrive or google drive are pay by month option)

So what i want to do is the backup the file i have on my home FTPS server to a cloud service, Onedrive.

Since i have a office and familly account i have 1TB of onedrive storage and my in house FTPS server have no redendency i want to sync my ftps server to it.

I have read a bit but i dont know whats i need to start from.

(mean searched on google on forum)

hello and welcome to the forum,

  1. install rclone. as you did not post your operating system, it depends.
    --- on windows, rclone is a portable app, no install.
    simply download the correct .zip file, here , then unzip it and run rclone
    -- on `Linux/macOS/BSD1 , follow the instructions documented here
  2. create a rclone remote for onedrive, documented here

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