Rclone systemd service - bisync possible?


I've been searching for a way to use a systemd service to run my rclone bisync configuration, as I find that adding to the crontab to be quite limited in functionality. Has anyone done this? I came across this gist that creates a service that runs rclone mount, however I imagine there are subtle differences if it were to be adapted to use bisync instead (especially as so far I've had to run --resync a number of times and that is a big pain if you're using cron).

I know rclone bisync doc mentions how to use Cron but I wanted to ask what other experience there is with rclone + systemd as I think most would prefer using the latter (at least I would).


I think this should work fine. Just follow a tutorial for it.

I think the important differences in the service file are


Instead of notify.

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