Rclone systemd reports as running but mount is not yet ready when using big vfs caches

When using vfs cache, with big storage, like 8 tb, and you reboot/restart rclone it takes a long of time for the mount to be ready.

With systemd it reports as running, which causes issues with my other systemd services which expect and need to run only after the mount is really available and the files are accesible?

anyone have any idea how i can prevent my other services from running before rclone is REALLY running? I tried using ls with exectstartpre but it didn't work


best to post using the help and support template and answer the questions.

for sure, need to post the rclone mount command and systemd service file.

This is rclone going through the vfs cache and checking all the files are present and correct.

I'm pretty sure there is an issue about this already: Reduce startup time with vfs cache (writes/full) · Issue #4595 · rclone/rclone · GitHub

Though @ivandeex now we've got lib/kv the vfs metadata cache would be a perfect thing to use it which would make startup times instant.

Does rclone checking the cache increases load on the backend? or is all on the local disk?

I believe i suffer that issue. Rclone blocks till the entire cache is checked. I often mass-reboot my servers, so if they put load on the backend to do this it makes the issue even worse

It is all on the local disk.

It shouldn't touch the backend during this process.

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