Rclone synchronize in real time

Hello, I discovered the Rclone service and I am starting the discoveries, congratulations to all involved, excellent work.
I ask anyone who can help me; how do I keep folders from a location on the pc synchronized to my Drive; (source: path dest: path), my intention is to maintain a synchronization in real time, in case I change the name of a file or delete it, the same happens in both destinations.
Thank you in advance, all the best to everyone.

RClone is not a sync tool so you can't really do that.

If you want to give more specifics on your setup, use case and what are you expecting to happen, I'm sure folks can chime in with some ideas.

Thanks, so now I understand that we were able to copy and synchronize just by doing the procedures ourselves from the command line; Am I right?

You could do that.
You could use a mount.

You can do a lot of things but without knowing more details on your setup, it’s a bit tough to answer which is why we have that template to collect some details up front.

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really would need to know your use case and the source and dest are, local, gdrive, aws, etc..

you can run the rclone sync on a schedule or in a continue loop
when rclone does a sync it has to compare the source and dest, this can take a long time.
one way to reduce that is to use a command like
rclone source dest --max-age=1h
rclone will scan the source, if a file has been modified within the last hour, rclone will compare to dest and copy if needed.

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I really may not understand much of what you are talking about here so please excuse me if I don't interact in the right way.
I am really a beginner with the service; I have mounted two drives, gdrive and Onedrive.

thank you very much for your attention.

I'll get to know a little more, thank you very much.

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