Rclone sync - user information

When using the sync method, I have the following question.

  1. When using the "sync" method to perform synchronization between two S3 storages, is it possible to reflect AWS IAM user information onto both the bucket and objects for synchronization?

  2. When using the "sync" method to synchronize between one S3 storage and an S3 compatible storage (such as MinIO), is it possible to reflect user information onto both the bucket and objects for synchronization?

  3. Is there a way to synchronize AWS IAM user information with Linux user information( user, group, permission... ) when synchronizing AWS S3 and a Linux local environment using the sync method of rclone?

I would greatly appreciate any information related to this content, even if it's just somewhat relevant.

thank you

welcome to the forum,

not sure what you mean?
i use IAM user with rclone between S3 providers, never had an issue?

what IAM user information do you need to sync.

rclone supports metadata, please check the docs.

not sure what IAM cloud user have to use to with a linux local user?
could provider more details, and an example?

I apologize. It seems my question became ambiguous because I don't have a deep understanding of IAM yet.
However, I am aware that both IAM and the Linux file system have concepts of groups and users. What I was thinking is that, for example, if the owner of an object is "userA" and it belongs to the group "groupA," then after syncing to Linux via rclone and executing the command "ls -l," the result might show something like "-rwx... userA groupA...".
Perhaps I need to examine the documents more closely.

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