Rclone sync to google Drive

Hello all!

I somehow cant figure out how to autmate Rclone syncing to Google drive and after transferring the file delete the local file. Can you guys help me out?

I got the following codes:

How should I change these codes to get cronjob and Rclone working? When I put the code manually in (from the crontab -e), then it works (without the file deletion).

If you want rclone to delete the local files, you need to use move instead of sync. --delete-after will delete the files from the destination assuming they no longer exist on the source either. The purpose of sync is to mirror origin to destination.


I will replace sync with move.

Do you also happen to know whats wrong with the code? Why its not working.

Can you clarify your problem a bit? If I’m understanding this right, you can’t get crontab to work, but it works fine when you the command directly?

Yes, thats right. I originally thought I made a mistake with the paths, but I think I got those right?

I think the path in your second screenshot. Unless it’s supposed to be hidden, it shouldn’t have a period.

Currently you have:


But based on the other screenshot above I think it should be:


I changed both scripts to cronscript.sh instead of .cronscript.sh So it matches eachother again. Unfortunately its not working.

Do I have to do something special after I entered the scripts? Maybe i have to leave the computer on for hours or have to enable is somewhere?

Stick >> /tmp/rclone.log 2>&1 on the end of the crontab line, then look in /tmp/rclone.log to see what errors you are getting.

Its working! I had to add bin/rclone move (the bin/ part). Then it worked great! Thanks all

When working with cron, always use full paths and when the target is a script invoke the shell passwing the parameter and not the script.

/home/me/myscript.sh parameter
/bin/sh /home/me/myscript.sh parameter

On some systems the first version may work. On others it may fail. The shell command may vary depending on your script language.

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