Rclone sync to/from cloud from two or more places


rclone sync - Make source and dest identical, modifying destination only.

do I understand correctly, that it is not possible to sync cloud from multiple places? I mean if I want to add/delete files to cloud from muliple places - if I remove some files from one place, they will be uploaded from second place if I start rclone sync? Am I right?

Is it possible? What the best way to do it? (not mount, I need files locally, not mounted)

Sync makes one location look like the same on both sides usually.

If you want to sync A to B, B becomes a copy of A. If you sync B to C, same applies.

You can sync as many locations to as many as you want in general but you need to understand what sync does and if that’s what you are trying to accomplish.

What’s the use case you are trying to solve?

Thanks for reply,
I want alternative for dropbox or seafile or owncloud client. my cloud is onedrive and I want to store and manage files in cloud using my rclone clients at home and at work.
If I remove or add or change file at home it should change in cloud and should downloaded(or removed) at work.

I am not sure what your flow looks like yet.

For that, I just use one drive itself as I have a work machine and a home machine.

You can use rclone sync to connect to many providers so if that’s your goal, you can do that.

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