Rclone sync results in mismatched data in ACD

I am using rclone version 1.36. I have run rclone on a Hetzner server to sync data to ACD on amazon.com. The sync is encrypted. Command used is - rclone sync :
The folder on the local system has 3972 items totalling 631.9GB. After rclone rync, when I check ACD, there are no errors but the total data transferred is 719GB and no of files are 3625.
There is a big mismatch. I checked this thread - Rclone not copying subfolders on ACD sync
There are no empty folders on my local drive.
Is there any way to understand whether all my data has been transferred without leaving out any file/folder? This is the first time I am using rsync.

If you run sync again does it transfer any more data?

What do you get if you do rclone check /path/to/local remote:?

I will do this and post the results. Thanks for responding.
Edit: Results -
Notice - Encrypted Amazon Drive Root ': 0 files not in local file system at
Notice: Local file system at : 0 files not in Encrypted Amazon Drive Root ’
Notice: Encrypted Amazon Drive Root ‘’ : 0 Differences found
Notice: Encrypted Amazon Drive Root ‘’ : 3637 hashes could not be checked.


I ran this command on my local system to find empty directories- # find . -type d -empty
I found none. I am actually trying to come to grips with the rclone system.
Note - I also used rclone-browser. Same issues. Sizes dont match. And neither do the number of files / folders.

I posted the results above. Can you please take a look? I found an alternative - Rar up the folders and upload, but that takes too much time and space.

I’m getting a load of MD5 errors on check of my music folder (mainly FLAC) from Windows command line to ACD with 1.3.6; sync seems to do nothing but check fails. Going to run with more verbosity to try to catch what could be the issue.