RClone Sync question

When using RClone Sync

Is it possible to sync upload on a public bucket with write only permission?

Rclone needs to be able to list the bucket and read the metadata but provided it can do that it doesn't read from files in sync so that should work fine.

What we wanted to do is use an app key that can only do upload and not download

We have a setup, app key with capabilities deleteFiles, listAllBucketNames, listBuckets, writeFiles which is set when you select write only.

But if the app key permission is write only
rclone copy -v "C:\File.txt" ClientFolder:ClientFolder
rclone sync -v "C:\File.txt" ClientFolder:ClientFolder
Gives ERROR : Attempt 1/3 failed with 1 errors and: Unknown 401 (401 unauthorized)
But works if you have read and write permission

If its possible to do just upload only
Can anyone give us the correct config/command for this?

Try adding the flag --s3-no-check-bucket which will stop rclone trying to create the bucket to check it exists.

If that doesn't work then do a small upload with -vv --dump bodies --low-level-retries 1 --retries 1 and post the result and I'll take a look.

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