RClone Sync Progress and Performance Increase?

I am currently attempting to Sync about 500GB of files between two windows servers. The files are small PDF files so there ends up being 1,000s of them. I am looking to try and increase the transfer speed between the two servers, is the best way of doing that just to increase the number of transfers (–transfers)? Also I need to also have some idea of the progress that is being made, but when I use the --progress and set the number of transfers to 100 I am not able to see the progress, due to so much information being displayed. Is there any way to just get the total amount of data transferred so far and the number of errors to display (basically need all the files to stop being displayed)? Hope this makes since… lol


OK so it looks like using the --stats-one-line has solved the “too much being displayed” issue that I was having. Any suggestions on how to increase the transfer speed between the two servers would be much appreciated though!

What’s the command you are using and what backend is it?

Sorry for the delay.

I am using the following cmd on Windows Server 2012 R2:
“rclone.exe sync “R:\Export” “\XXX.XX.X.XXX\Migration\Test4” --progress --stats-one-line --transfers=100”

At this point everything as far as the amount of data being displayed is fine… I just need to know what is the best way of making this transfer as fast as possible. I am transfering about 500GB of PDF files that total 2.2 Million Files. I am looking for the settings that can best max my data transfer with a connection of 100mb.

Note that if you are using an old fashioned spinning HDD upping transfers may be counterproductive as your disk will spend all of its time seeking and little of the time transferring data.

So I’d do an experiment and try with --transfers 4 (the default) and --transfers 8 and see which is higher, then double transfers until it stops going faster.

Increasing --buffer-size may help too.

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