Rclone sync google drive

Good morning everyone,

I need to sync my machine with Google Drive, but it needs to be daily as if it were an incremental backup.

I used the rclone copy command and it worked nice but did not answer because it could not access the new files.

I already used rclone sync but in the second synchronization, it deleted all the initial files.

Has anyone used or uses rclone sync as a backup?

Can you tell the correction parameters to meet my request?

Thank you!

Hi, you will have to use the --backup-dir option with the sync command, providing the directory name with some environment variable that references the date and / or time, depending on your need.

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I use rclone sync as a backup. The following is a sample script I use:

DATE=`date +%Y_%m_%d_%H_%M_%S`
NAME="Vault" #This is the hard drive name I'm backing up. I have different scripts for different hard drives.
rclone sync /Volumes/Vault MY_DRIVE_REMOTE:/Backups/iMac-Late2012/Backup/Vault --backup-dir=MY_DRIVE_REMOTE:/Backups/iMac-Late2012/SafetyNet/Vault/$DATE --exclude ".DS_Store" --exclude ".DocumentRevisions-V100/**" --exclude ".TemporaryItems/**" --exclude ".Trashes/**" --exclude ".fseventsd/**" --log-level="DEBUG" --log-file=/Users/andyibanez/rclone_logs/$LOG_NAME --checkers 1 --transfers 8

Each hard backup session will create a new directory in my SafetyNet directory where it will place deleted and modified files since the last sync.

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whole local file to the Drive and any modification that has in the local folder, it modifies in the drive in the same directory.

It is possible?