Rclone sync from Windows network drive to google drive

Hello Rclone Forum,

I am trying to back-up some files from our NAS to a expanded google drive and I'm having issues with the sync function. Specifically I'm having issues with rclone not finding the source file.

The boilerplate info
rclone v1.49.5
go version: go1.12.10
Windows 7, 64 bit
remote: Google Drive

My command is this

rclone sync source:\\AutogDrobo\Autogenous\MinION_Experiments\ dest:SSIU-Molecular:/ --dry-run

The error I receive back is

Failed to create file system for "source:\\\\AutogDrobo\\Autogenous\\MinION_Experiments": didn't find section in config file

My config file is where it is expected to be under .config\rclone\rlcone.config and when I type the file command it gives me the location.

Here is my config file contents

type = drive
scope = drive
token = {"access_token": none-ya,"token_type":"Bearer","refresh_token":business,"expiry":"2019-10-22T10:27:45.782684-05:00"}
team_drive = generic alphanumeric mess

Plus I can connect with the goolge drive when I type rclone lsd SSIU-Molecular:/ I get the only directory in it.

I am sure its something simple I'm overlooking (becasue Windows has to be different) but I don't know why rclone is adding extra slashes to the windows path. I also get the same error message, but the normal amount of slashes, if I put them in the linux-style but that doesn't help the windows system either. I also have not found in the documentation where it says to add the source file to the config file.

Thank you in advance for the guidance.


The extra slahes just has to do with unicode conversion I believe - nothing you need to worry about.

I don't understand what you are doing here with source: and dest: - is this just something you copied from an example? If so you misunderstood. Those are just placeholders for actual names.

If I wanted to sync a local folder to that place it would be
rclone sync \\AutogDrobo\Autogenous\MinION_Experiments SSIU-Molecular:
Is it that simple? ... or did I misunderstand you?

backslashes at end of path are optional. not needed but won't be a problem either if you prefer them.
and just so you aren't confused - local filesystems don't need to use a remote name. You could make one if you wanted, but in this case the easiest thing is to refer directly to it. That is why the syntax for the source and the destination here are slightly different with the destination using the remotename: style.

Nope. It's that simple. I misunderstood the sync documentation.

Nice! I love simple solutions :stuck_out_tongue:

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