Rclone sync Flag

how can set the flag ! directly in the start command ? in one order so that he doesn't ask.

rclone sync --create-empty-src-dirs -i gdrivexx:gdrivexx/aa gdrivezz:gdrivezz/aa

rclone: copy "aa"?
y) Yes, this is OK (default)
n) No, skip this
s) Skip all copy operations with no more questions
!) Do all copy operations with no more questions
q) Exit rclone now.
y/n/s/!/q> !


You are using -i which is interactive mode.

  -i, --interactive                          Enable interactive mode

You'd turn that off it you want it non interactive.

oke, how can select then -> !) Do all copy operations with no more questions

You remove -i and make it non interactive if you don't want prompts.

The purpose of interactive is to require input and confirmation hence "interactive".

yes that is clear to me, but with what option is it carried out? will it be automatically skip or no skip, or everything will be automatically copied

Remove -i and add --dry-run

You'll see exactly what will happen and you can remove dry-run when you are good.

Sync makes the source and destination identical.

thanks, i will test it

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