Rclone sync file extension for in progress

Would be great to have the ability to enable a sync file extension or adding an in progress flag of some sort to files that are currently being synced to alert other programs to not process such a file.

Other sync software uses !sync, lftp-pget-status, part, bts, !qb as examples.

That would not make a lot of sense for cloud remotes as you'd be incurring extra API hits/calls to do something like that.

What's the problem you are facing? Can you provide an example?

Medusa (or similar forks, Sickchil, Sickrage etc) post processing TV show content before rclone sync has fully completed.

That's just a process issue.

sync to a temp location and move it once it's done.

Rclone could also be syncing to a temporary name say yourfile.HEXNUMBERS.tmp then rename it into yourfile.mpg at the end. Would that work for you?

That is what rsync does and there are some advantages to doing that.

That adds extra API hits for providers that care about it, it's a very massive change to make and I'm not a fan of adding more overhead to a very clean process.

Yes that would be great, anything so I can indicate that if .tmp exists it will ignore and postpone

maybe this is too simple for your use case, but to exclude *.tmp, can use a filter.
for example,
rclone ls D:\test\tmp --exclude=*.tmp

for some providers, api calls are not a problem.

I should have said, that would only be for backends that can upload partial files, like local, ftp, and sftp - the others wouldn't change as there is no point as you said.

No complaints from me then.

Thanks for clarifying!

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