Rclone sync delete from first union remote


I want to delete files from the first union remote (ro) but sync to the second union (rw)

Source FTP0

Destination FTP1(ro)
Destination FTP2(rw)

FTP1 is read only union so when I start syncing I first want to make delete changes first so some thing like

rclone sync --delete-only FTP0: FTP1:
rclone sync --delete-only FTP0: FTP2:

rclone sync FTP0: union:

Is there a delete only flag to sync delete changes only




sync works being making A like B.

If you want A to be like B, sync would be your command as that is what it does.

If A changes that gets replicated over to B.

I’m not sure what you mean by delete changes first as if something is out of sync, it would get deleted from B.



I am referring to the problem we face when using union remotes
If a union remotes includes 4 remotes the first 3 are readonly.

If I sync 4tb from the source to a union of 1tb*4 I will be writting to only the 4th remote.

Assume I have synced 3tb to the first 3 remotes and I am in progress to sync the 4th what will happen if I delete some files from the source that are part of either first 3 remotes and sync… Will the sync fail… ?

Ultimately the union remote won’t be in sync

For this reason the delete-before option would work on individual first 3 parts of the union remote and then run sync on the union

I came across the disable flag but I was unable to find a way to use sync and disable copy this would solve the problem



I still can’t follow what your goal is.

Are you trying to split 4TB of data across 4 separate remotes?

The whole concept of things is keeping things in ‘sync’ from a point of time as you are usually always creating new and deleting old files and such.

mergerfs offers quite the number of writes policies that allow things like this.