Rclone sync cycling endlessly, s3 > b2

My command:

S3 (Scaleway) >> B2 Backblaze

rclone sync s3cloud:/album/cloud b2cloud:/album/cloud --transfers 8 --multi-thread-streams 8 --contimeout 10m --update --log-file "/var/log/rclone-backup.log" --log-level NOTICE --buffer-size 128M --multi-thread-cutoff 128M --retries 100 --retries-sleep 2s --no-gzip-encoding --create-empty-src-dirs --checkers 32 --ignore-errors --modify-window 300s --min-age 10800s --tpslimit 240 --progress --config /root/.config/rclone/rclone-backup.conf

It syncs everything and then starts to check again, and again and never stops. How to force this command to stop after it synced everything in 1 round?

I tested the other way around, it stops eventually, but s3 > b2 doesnt.

What rclone version are you using?
Can you replicate the issue with "-vv" and share the log?

There are probably errors in the transfer. So remove this and it will try 3 times which is the default then stop.

Check out the ERRORs in the log - that will give a clue.

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