Rclone swag (t-shirt?)

First, let me say: I love rclone. It's changed my life and I would like to thank NCW and all the other contributors to the project for making something so useful.

I also think the new logo is really cool.

Any plans to make any rclone swag? I would love to walk around in an rclone t-shirt and get into some conversations with other rclone fans... But I'm weird that way.


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That is a great idea and one that crossed my mind before.

Any suggestions as to the best way of going about it?

I've never done it myself, but there are loads of sites that will handle every aspect of the fulfilment for you. As I understand it, you just give them the high-quality art and they do the rest. You get some cut of the sales. I suppose you'd need one that shipped internationally and priced them in the major currencies. redbubble.com and viralstyle.com are two that I know of, but that isn't an endorsement!

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

A lot of folks use Cotton Bureau, and that's great.

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