Rclone support to access data from an Artifactory repo

Hello, I have hosted some binary files in sonatype nexus OSS artifactory repo and try to copy it remotely to other machine. I am not able to find any information from the docs to know whether this supported at present or nor. Any suggestions/comments on this will be really helpful and much appreciated.

What APIs Artifactory repo supports?

Thank for the reply @kapitainsky. Not sure I understand your question completely but these are the formats of the repo it supports and I used Raw to host my binary files

You have to find out how you can transfer files from/to these repos. Using which API - sftp? s3? webdav? etc.

Otherwise your question is the same as "can I use rclone to transfer files from XYZ computer on internet".

Yes you can but you have to know which transfer protocol(s) XYZ computer supports.

Thank you, will research more from nexus side to find out what protocol it uses

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