Rclone support for skipping Glacier-stored files

In the past I've used rclone to sync between remote S3 source and destination. One error I encountered was when the source bucket contains a mix of Standard class and Glacier class files. When attempting to download files to the destination bucket that are Glacier class, an error is raised as might be expected.

Today AWS announced that S3 now provides restore status of S3 Glacier objects using the S3 List API: Amazon S3 provides restore status of S3 Glacier objects using the S3 LIST API

That would presumably allow for rclone to skip those Glacier files and proceed without error, correct?

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I think you should be able to use metadata filtering to filter out the objects with tier=GLACIER

See Documentation for more info

#list all files
rclone lsf --format=pT remote: 

#list all files, exclude storage_class=DEEP_ARCHIVE
rclone lsf --metadata-exclude tier=DEEP_ARCHIVE --format=pT remote: 

Ok, thank you both. I had not seen or used the metadata flags yet. That looks like a great solution!

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Quick follow-up question: if I run an rclone copy --metadata --metadata-exclude tier=GLACIER src: dest: for S3, will including the metadata flag cause a new copy of every file from src: to dest:? Some of our S3 remote bucket pairs have been fully synced prior to using rclone, so I would not want to redownload terabytes of files just to run rclone the first time.

run the command with these flags, can see what rclone would transfer
--dry-run -vv
--dry-run --log-level=DEBUG --log-file=~/rclone.log

Metadata is not synced only copied on the first upload so it won't cause any changes on dest:.

This could change in the future, but the worst that would happen is that rclone would update the metadata on dest: which is a quick operation.

... If you are worried about that then you could use rclone lsf --metadata --metadata-exclude tier=GLACIER src: to make a list of files to feed to --files-from.

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