Rclone support for Nutanix object storage

Hi All,

Based on the information on the website, rclone does not support Nutanix object storage (s3 compatible), even though it supports AWS s3 and Wasabi.

Is this something on your radar/backlog? Is there a workaround we can currently do to overcome this limitation?


hello and welcome to the forum,

rclone use the S3 go lang package from AWS.
so rclone should work with any s3 clone.

the documentation mentions a subset of them.
for example, idrive s3 cloud is not mentioned, but i have used it with rclone.

the first step is to configure a remote.

for Choose your S3 provider
you need to chose 8 / Any other S3 compatible provider

NICE! I will try it and update you.

Your idea worked! Thanks so much.


Was it difficult? Did you follow any docs? If so can you post them here?

Maybe rclone should have a nutanix provider?

Hi Nick,

It was as easy as jojothehumanmonkey described it. And yes please it would be awesome if you can add support for Nutanix object store would be great.


Can you point to some Nutanix docs?

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