Rclone support copying object source metadata and ACLs?

Does rclone support copying object source metadata and ACLs?

Specifically S3-compliant objects are of interest.

Only ones relevant to rclone, in particular Content-Type and modification time, so no in general is the answer.

There are issues about this on github though!

Greatly appreciate the quick response. Thanks!

Would you say the level of effort to add that feature is low, medium, high …?

Am currently exploring some options for a requirement.

It would be relatively easy to preserve metadata copying from S3->S3 or swift->swift.

It would be harder to preserve metadata copying fromS3->swift as they have different requirements. There is a ticket about both those ideas here: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/111

To do the general case I’d implement a new method on objects Metadata which would return a dictionary of metadata. This would only be supported by a few remotes S3, Swift, Google object storage though.