Rclone stalled?

I tried to move a file earlier from my seedbox to my Google Drive and it should have only taken a few minutes with my speeds. Nothing seems to be happening however. It’s just…stalled. I’ve exited my Terminal a few times and tried it again with the same result. How can I restart rclone or make sure jobs are canceled. I am very new to rclone and am lucky I’ve made it this far! Thank you!

Okay…so I was wrong. I ran a different command and it worked fine. Here is what I am having trouble with…

I can use rclone to move most things over, but I get confused when I have folder names that have spaces in them. I get an error. I believe I need to use quotation marks, but I am not sure where to place them. I will show you an example of command I need help with and then I use that as a template for others.

rclone move whatbox:TVShows/Game of Thrones/Season 7 remote:TVShows/Game of Thrones

Via Reddit, it was suggested that I add quotations and use the following command:

rclone move “whatbox:TVShows/Game of Thrones/Season 7” "remote:TVShows/Game of Thrones"

When I did this…nothing seems to happen. It should only take a moment or two, but it just sits there. Not errors. Nothing. I waited nearly 30 minutes.

Also, I should note that I am not trying to move the folder, but the files within that folder.

Any ideas?

The quotes look ok. add a -v flag or even a -vv flag to see what it is doing…