Rclone speed issue Ubuntu 20.04

This is more of a PSA than anything else...Fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04 plugged into the same firewall as another server running Ubuntu 18.04. 18.04 was able to upload at 22.894M/s, while the 20.04 server was struggling @ 1.8M/s. Poked around before I eventually realized I had enabled bbr flow control on the 18.04 server when I built it (https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-enable-tcp-bbr-to-improve-network-speed-on-linux/). Did the same to the 20.04 server...and viola!




So enabling BBR made the speed increase? That is dramatic and it looks easy to do.

What is your network path to Google drive like?

Host Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev

  1. ae1.cin1.core.fuse.net 7.7% 13 1.6 2.3 1.2 7.1 1.6
  2. 0.0% 13 12.4 12.2 11.7 12.8 0.3
  3. 0.0% 13 12.8 13.2 11.8 18.2 2.1
  4. 0.0% 13 12.6 13.0 12.3 13.9 0.5
  5. 50.0% 13 13.1 15.2 13.1 23.9 4.3
  6. 0.0% 13 13.3 14.7 12.5 26.0 3.7
  7. 0.0% 13 14.3 14.2 13.2 15.2 0.6
  8. (waiting for reply)
  9. (waiting for reply)
  10. (waiting for reply)
  11. (waiting for reply)
  12. (waiting for reply)
  13. (waiting for reply)
  14. (waiting for reply)
  15. (waiting for reply)
  16. (waiting for reply)
  17. yv-in-f106.1e100.net 0.0% 13 13.1 13.2 12.5 15.7 0.8

Quite a lot of hops but not much latency.

Great tip, thanks

The latency will usually be more stable or even lower with BBR. Hoewever there are some downsides to it. Yes you get higher speeds in most cases. But the congestion control algorithm is not loss-based resulting in retransmitting 10-100x more than usual algorithms. The biggest discussion about BBR however is its fairness. BBR only works that well because not that many server are using it. It will slow down those with another algorithm (CUBIC is the default for major unix based distros and systems also android). There have been researches on it showing and proofing that in a mobile network BBR can claim basically up to 100% of the whole link bandwidth.

Also there are some specific use cases where you should avoid to use BBR. It's still relatively young and google is already working on BBRv2.

Regarding the OP. Your issue lies somewhere else you basically are taking the bandwidth with force :smiley:

That's the thing - rclone copies are the only thing that show reduced network speeds without bbr (and quite frankly, I'm surprised it is such a speed increase). I'm not sure where else I would be having a problem, unless it was upstream with my ISP.

Unless...it was the fact that I had one server with bbr turned on (which does streaming outside of my network, so it is sending a lot) and that was causing issues with cubic/reno cca on the ubuntu 20.04 (as you said, using all the bandwidth)

Some data points - without BBR enabled, even directly connected to my ONT I'm only able to get ~1.8MBps with rclone while copying a 4GB image file. BBR enabled, and it's magically 10x better.

Trying from an oracle hosted VPS - regardless of BBR-ness, I'm seeing ~6MBps.

Something appears to be very special with my ISP.


I've had BBR on for my Linux boxes for quite some time(probably 2 years plus). I always max out my gigabit when moving from local to rclone.

Never had any issues with it being on.

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Some ISPs do lots of weird traffic shaping. If you have a VPN you may be able to work around it.

Turns out this was a network issue. There was/is a problem with a 100gig link in Atlanta that affecting uploads to google services for my ISP.

Pretty neat that BBR was able to work around this issue though.


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