Rclone slow fast forwarding or rewinding with plex

I am on Mac 10.11.6 with Fuse for mac os installed. When I fast forward or rewind… it takes quite a while to catch up… sometimes up to a minute before it starts playing again. I am using v1.33-72-ga4a44a4. Media is encrypted and on ACD.

Seeking in the file is slow when using rclone. That is the way the cloud storage systems work and can't be fixed :frowning: To put it perspective, it might take as much as 500ms to seek in a file whereas a file on your computer will seek in 5ms on hard disk and <1ms on SSD.

Seeking unfortunately is even slower for crypt - there is a performance optimisation I haven't done yet:

Video players seek when you fast forward or re-wind. They often seek multiple times trying to find an I-frame (I assume). You can see this if you run rclone mount with the -v flag hence the slowness.

However I've found it does depend on the video player. Some video players spend a bit of time at the start seeking and build up a sort of index which makes fast forward / rewind much quicker - so it might be worth experimenting with different video players.

I guess there might be some options for Plex too which could help - if there is a stream option that would help.

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