Rclone site down? "Connection refused"

The site appears to be down. I'm not seeing any other discussion about it so I might as well ask.

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Made an account to check on this as well. Guess its a waiting game. =)

Seeing this issue as well.

Please consider hosting the static files on Cloudflare Pages and the at least via Cloudflare proxy for caching. This should make sure the files are still available even when your server is having issues.

It's a conspiracy

In the mean time rclone can be installed from github releases.

E.g. For deb based systems like Ubuntu (Required jq and wget installed)

wget $(curl -s https://api.github.com/repos/rclone/rclone/releases/latest | jq -r '.assets | .[] | select(.browser_download_url | contains("-linux-amd64.deb")) | .browser_download_url') -O ./rclone.deb && sudo apt-get install -y ./rclone.deb

Same here. Creating an account to report this. But apparently it's not only me.

The site is back now!

Apologies for the downtime.

Caddy had crashed with

runtime: may need to increase max user processes (ulimit -u).

Its already allowed 512 threads so I'm not sure what went on there - perhaps a bug in caddy. Will keep an eye on it!

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