rClone + Sftp Setting Up

Want to use rclone with sftp.
My all videos are stored in a dedicated server and want to connect with them from another server using rclone sftp, i will create sftp and then will use rclone server http
My first question what is better in my case FTP or Sftp?
Mostly likely i think sftp would be better but i can change my mind if ftp have better performance then sftp.
In sftp config what is ssh host? is that ip of storage server?
ssh user name would be root and default port is 22 with No password.
what is Cipher and hashcheck?
@asdffdsa please help me as you always did, i always remember you


hi again,

ftp and sftp have poor performance as compare to modern protocols such as webdav, s3, etc...

that depends on the sftp server, but root credentials and port 22 should work.

that depends on the sftp server.
rclone supports a number of ciphers.
about hashes - "Currently MD5 and SHA-1 are supported"

here are my config for sftp servers.

type = sftp
host = XXX.rsync.net
user = XXX
key_file = C:\data\c\combined\rsync\keys\profile2\id_ed25519
md5sum_command = md5 -r
sha1sum_command = sha1 -r
shell_type = unix

type = sftp
host = XXX.your-storagebox.de
port = 23
key_file = C:\data\c\combined\hetzner\sharebox\01\keys\id_ed25519
user = XXX
shell_type = unix
md5sum_command = md5 -r
sha1sum_command = sha1 -r

thanks for your reply in details
Im still confused about host, im using a dedicated server not a storage box from hetzner,
For a dedicated server what would be host? server ip ?


Yes use server IP

If host is server ip then where i have to put file path where my all videos are stored?

when you use it e.g.

rclone ls sftp_remote:path/to/mydata

where sftp_remote: points depends on your sftp server configuration

rclone lsd sftp:/www/wwwroot/stream this will be cmd im only displaying directories so using lsd?
Facing below error

Failed to create file system for "sftp:/www/wwwroot/stream": couldn't connect to ssh-agent: SSH agent requested but SSH_AUTH_SOCK not-specified

Thanks for ur quick help

are you using username password or key authentication?

Before you start with rclone make sure that your sftp server works.

I suggest you use filezilla to test. Or whatever sftp client you prefer.

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Thanks got it working with basic configuration,
now testing some advance setting will ask you later if i had any issue
Thanks you so much again

Mean while can i share some details what im trying to achieve,
Im using a dedicated server with lot of space with hetzner, and now want to add multiple streaming servers using rclone.
Streams server will download videos from main storage server using rclone and rclone serve http.
Before i was using this setup but at the end i left because its really a hard task to upload a lot of videos on dropbox ( as my videos have many qualities a lot of chunk files).
Moving videos between hetzner server from same location its extremely fast. only take few second to move video of 200mb, thats why im gonna give another try using sftp.
Here i have few questions.
What is webdav? which one should i have to use sftp or webdav? im using sftp as im already moving files between servers with good speed.
and other suggestion as my setup is initial stage so looking for some experts suggestion and recommendations.


Google is your friend.

whichever works for you better

do not over engineer it. e.g. sftp works for you why you want to try advanced flags? They all have very specific usage and in most cases are not needed.

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