Rclone server side directory move?

I haven't been able to find a definite answer or documentation (I'm most likely just not looking at the right thing) so I'm asking here just to confirm.

How would I do a simply directory move on the following structure?

  • /dir0/

I simply want to move dir2 and its contents from inside dir1 to inside dir0 (alongside dir1) so that it looks like this:

  • /dir0/

Running the move/moveto command seems to make me redownload and reupload to a newly created directory. Is this sort of server side move simply not possible (easily) like it is on a local directory?

Here's the command I ran:

rclone move crypt:dir0/dir1/dir2 crypt:dir0/dir2

I would think that would be correct. I'd personally just mount it and mv it to be safe, but I run with a mount most of the time so I am 100% sure how to mv it on the mount :slight_smile:

Thanks. That worked for me!

It depends on the remote. If you look here, you'll find a list of supported remotes and whether they support server-side copy/move/delete. If your remote doesn't, then it will download and re-upload. You'll want to look at the DirMove column to determine if your remote supports that (in this case, I suppose it would be the underlying remote of the crypt?).

Hope that helps!

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