Rclone server side copy very slow

i have vps hosted with centos 7 , with rclone, cron and use google drive
I have problem , when i run script for rclone google drive copy too other folder,thats need take a time 2-3hours.

This is my script
rclone copy STIEPAN:STIEPAN_OJS/current STIEPAN:STIEPAN_OJS/currentb

how possible make rclone faster to make server side copy ??

if these are both in the same google drive you could just use google drive’s website to do the process server side.
if these are both in different google drive’s then it’s not using a server side copy because google isn’t letting it and it’s probably using your bandwidth to do the copy normally, that’s my guess at least based on some similar but not identical usage.

sorry buddy i think we are talking about rclone here not website based google drive

The only reason I mentioned what I did was that I’ve found rclone move to be extremely fast with googledrive.
I can only imagine that rclone copy on googledrive is running into too many api requests per minute pacer rate limiter issues.
Try running your script next time with -v or -vv and we can see.
I guess what I’m saying is that, if google is throttling you on purpose. Then rclone cannot fix that.

you could run something like this in a separate terminal/screen
rclone -vv copy STIEPAN:STIEPAN_OJS/current STIEPAN:STIEPAN_OJS/currentb
or use log-file log.txt

Basically what I’m saying is that I don’t think there is a perfect solution to what you’re asking, sorry for not elaborating. I should’ve provided the information needed to diagnose your problem before suggesting wild solutions.