Rclone Server Side copy issues

Hey Guys,

I am busy trying to duplicate my Team Shares for backup purposes.

I went ahead and made myself 800 Service accounts and I am using that to move data across using the following command:

rclone.exe sync -vP --drive-server-side-across-configs --fast-list --low-level-retries 1 --exclude-from %EXCLUDES% --tpslimit 7 -c --checkers=20 --transfers=5 --max-transfer 450G --stats 5s --drive-service-account-file=C:\rclone\keys%countfiles%.json %SOURCE% %DESTINATION%
I also tried this without fast-list

I have also tried a similar one on my Hertzner and Contobo servers.

They all have similar but slightly different issues.

With the 2 Linux machines, my copy would just freeze midway through and I'd have to kill it and restart it.

The windows Bat I wrote works quite nice except, If I stop the process from running and restart it, it never starts copying again. If I change the Dest folder it works, but it goes back to 1-9 and A folders which have already copied. this happens with both sync and copy.

Is there a way to get this running as it should or should I be waiting for a later version of Rclone?

I am more than happy to enable logs if need be just let me know which levels I should be doing.

Thanks in advanced.

Check with -vv to see what is happening.

I suspect you are running into this issue: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/3155

I haven't figured out what is going on there. I suspect something at Google's end but not sure.

I will read over that in a minute,

Might be helpful to you guys,

in Windows if it gets stuck and I run a separate command for "rclone size td1:" the stuck command will continue. So that is my workaround at the moment, but doesn't help if i need to close and restart the command.

-vv states almost the same error instead of being 503 mine is Internal error 500.

I am slowly moving some files with Air Explorer but it is a pain as the folder has 19TB left to move out.

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