Rclone serve webdav question

When i use "rclone serve webdav" to share a remote, the total size of the remote is not shown when mounted. instead 1PB free of 1PB is shown. while if i mount any other webdav remote (eg served by Mixplorer on my phone) it shows the actual size of that webdav (eg 61GB free of 111GB).
how do I get the total size of the remote when serving it via webdav in rclone?

Command used:
rclone serve webdav --vfs-cache-mode full Cloud_Drive:

Rclone version: latest stable

Not sure what remote you are using and what's setup as that's why we have the help and support template :frowning:


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I am sharing a union of mega and Google drives

tried using --vfs-used-is-size
still showing 1PB free of 1PB.

I'd imagine that is correct as that's how my mergerfs report as well.

when i mount this union using
rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full --tpslimit 10 --poll-interval 5m --buffer-size 4M --vfs-read-ahead 8M Cloud_Drive:/ D: --volname "Cloud Drive"
it reports 30GB free of 390GB. but why does it not report on serving webdav?
webdav does support showing the size of the server, so i wanted to know how to get this info in rclone.

Without knowing your rclone.conf and the commands you are running, it's hard to test and validate what you may or may not be seeing.

I am just running a simple serve webdav command which i have already listed in the first post of this thread. The remote is a simple union of Google drives and mega drives. The settings of all remotes are default settings.

After serving the webdav, I am mounting it on my other device using rclone.

rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full M31_webd: *

Missing your rclone.conf so I can't replicate anything.

i dont think there is any reason to share my rclone conf file. This gives same outcomes no matter the remote when i serve via webdav.

it shows 1PB free of 1PB in all cases when mounting a webdav via rclone which was served by rclone on another device.

when i start a webdav server on my phone using Mixplorer (a file manager for android phones) then mount on my pc... it shows the size and space left in my phone.
i wanted to be able to see the size and space left in remotes like this when served via webdav in rclone

Good luck then I guess as without the details, I don't know what you have setup.

The library rclone uses for rclone serve webdav doesn't support reporting size in use


So a patch would be needed to that to support it.

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Thats sad.
Thanks for replying

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